New Data Redundancy & Backup Options!

Impulse stores all SafeConnect configuration data in our cloud infrastructure for purposes of disaster recovery. This allows Impulse Support to work quickly to recover your SafeConnect system and help ensure your network is back up and running as soon and secure as possible. Impulse, by default, will not store client data in our cloud infrastructure, this is to avoid any potential privacy issues with specific client information (username, MAC address, etc.). In the case of a system issue in which the local storage on the appliance is irrecoverable, the client information will not be able to be restored. This results in all clients and devices being forced to re-authenticate, re-enroll any applicable devices, and re-complete any actions that were originally only applicable to their client.

We have additional options to allow you to save your client data to additional locations for redundancy. To take advantage of these options, please follow the steps below:

  • Navigate to the Configuration Manager > Backup page in the administrative UI.

  • Select the option(s) you would like to leverage for ensuring you have redundancy with your client data.

Completing this allows you to have peace of mind in the case of any system disaster. Please reach out to our support team through The Impulse Support Portal or by e-mailing if you have any questions or concerns.