MetaAccess NAC Client Integration

SafeConnect now supports integration with MetaAccess through the installation of an OPSWAT client that bundles the SafeConnect Policy Key. The Dual Client Integration enables network access control based on the installation of the OPSWAT Client and compliance with MetaAccess . Devices attempting to access the network will be required to install, run, and become compliant with MetaAccess before receiving access.


SafeConnect relies on the OPSWAT Client to report the MetaAccess compliance of a device. The MetaAccess administrator is free to create arbitrary complex policies for devices and SafeConnect will ensure the device is compliant with said policies before allowing a device access to a network.

To enable the OPSWAT Client and MetaAccess Compliance policies in SafeConnect the administrator must retrieve the MetaAccess license key from the “Settings > Global > Account” subsection under the MetaAccess Settings and enter the key into the “MetaAccess Integration” subsection in the SafeConnect configuration.


MetaAccess License Key Setting


SafeConnect MetaAccess Integration

After saving the MetaAccess license Key in the SafeConnect configuration, the OPSWAT Client policy will be available in the SafeConnect Policy Manager as both a Quarantine and Audit policy. The OPSWAT Client policy is configured to display remediation pages that allow users to:

  1. Download the OPSWAT Client + Policy Key bundle

  2. Give instruction on checking MetaAccess Compliance

images/download/attachments/7631695/SC_OPSWAT_Policies.png images/download/attachments/7631695/MA_Not_Installed_Rem.png

OPSWAT Client Download


MetaAccess Not Compliant