Step-by-step guide

Policy Group Mappings are used exclusively for enforcing SafeConnect policies. In a standalone RADIUS server configuration, Policy Group Mappings are not required and this section can be skipped.

To access Policy Group Mappings, choose “Policy Group Mappings” from the left navigation and then select the “Policy Group Mappings” tab from the top of the page.

The system will auto-configure a set of mappings based on the most common use cases. In most cases, the defaults will be sufficient and there is no need to make further modifications. Any Policy Groups that are not explicitly mapped will default to using the default Enforcement Roles specified on the last row.


If a new Policy Group Mapping is required, click the “New Mapping” button and choose the required options:

  • Policy Group: the name of the SafeConnect Policy Group. Only one mapping can exist for each Policy Group.

  • Quarantine Role: The enforcement role to be used when a device is out of compliance.

  • Compliant Role: The enforcement role to be used when a device is compliant.


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