MacOS Policy Key Change



Over the years, Impulse has gone to lengths to make the Policy Key upgrades a non-event for users. The recent changes Apple made significantly impact our ability to upgrade without prompting the user. As such, future updates to the macOS Policy Key will involve prompting the user to re-install the Policy Key.


As you may know, Apple recently released Catalina for macOS. This new operating system version brought with it significant performance and security enhancements, but unfortunately also requires many applications to adapt, including the Impulse Policy Key. Additional development work has been completed to accommodate 64 bit support, and enable the Policy Key binaries to be notarized. The notarization and code signing impacts our ability to silently upgrade the macOS Policy Key. As a result, starting with the next version of the Policy Key, macOS users will be prompted to download and re-install the new version.

Impulse is working on an additional policy that will permit customers to give the macOS users multiple warnings before blocking them when the upgrade is required, while still optionally blocking users with Macs that have never had the policy key.

If you have questions about these changes, please contact our Support team at