How to use Authorized Devices

Authorized Devices provides the ability to statically define an initial RADIUS enforcement role to devices when they first join the network. SafeConnect will have the ability to change RADIUS enforcement roles based on policy decisions after a device joins the network.

Step-by-step guide

Create an Enforcement Role if required

From the SafeConnect Management UI:

Select Configuration Manager

Under Enforcement Setup, select RADIUS Configuration


Select Enforcement Roles, ensure the Role is defined here


If it is not defined you can create a new role by selecting New Enforcement Role


Define a Enforcement Role Name and required attributes. If you are unsure which attributes to you please contact OPSWAT Support.


Select Apply Configuration and select Apply and Use then click OK to confirm to make the changes live.


Adding devices to Device Authorization feature

Under Enforcement Setup select Authorized Devices


Select Bulk Upload in the upper right corner.


Select Download Template

Open the template from the directory you downloaded it to.

Fill out the fields: MAC Address, Role, Description.


Save your work

Go back to the SafeConnect Management UI and click on Select File.

Select the file from the directory it was saved.


Selecting Delete all existing records first will clear out any previous MAC addresses uploaded to Authorized Devices.

Click Upload

A message letting you know the results will appear. If everything is good all uploads will appear Successful. Any errors will be displayed in the Upload Results.


Error retrieving valid roles



Invalid role defined in template.


Ensure the Role is an existing role. To validate available Roles:

Under Enforcement Setup, select RADIUS Configuration


Select Enforcement Roles, ensure the Role is defined here.


If the Role is not defined, follow Steps 1-7 under Create an Enforcement Role

If you encounter any other issues please contact OPSWAT Support