How to display an informational message to Policy Key users

SafeConnect administrators can follow these instructions to share an informational message with their users.

This will only work on devices running SafeConnect's Policy Key. This should not be the primary user notification method for emergencies.

Screenshot of Policies as Set According to Instructions

To provide Policy Key machines with a message, the following configuration can be created:

  1. Create a custom web page that displays the desired message. For help creating a web page to display the message, see Custom Messaging.

  2. Create a custom policy that contains a check for the windows Policy Key process and the OSX Policy Key process. For help creating a custom policy, see Custom Policies.

  3. Set the custom condition to fail if any of the conditions are met.

  4. Set enforcement to Audit.

  5. Set the page displayed to your custom page.

  6. Apply the policy to the groups you wish to see the message.

To have the message page displayed to end users, the enforcement level can then be changed to warning at the time desired. This will result in online users seeing the page shortly thereafter, and offline users seeing the page once they rejoin the network.

Once the time window has passed, changing the enforcement back to audit will reset the system.