How do I configure subnets to be under SafeConnect enforcement?

  1. The subnets will first need to be added in "Configuration Manager" > "Define Network Subnets".


    1. Click "Enable Configuration Mode".

    2. Click "Add New Subnet".

      Configuration Mode
    3. Fill in the required fields and click "Add New Subnet".

    4. Once you are done adding all the necessary subnets, click "Commit Changes".

    5. Click "Disable Configuration Mode".

      Any device which falls into one of the subnets listed here will be tracked by the SafeConnect system. However, the networks listed here will have to be included as qualifiers in a policy group for any device which falls into it to be enforced on.

  2. The subnets will then need to be added into a policy. This can be completed in the Policy Manager.

    1. Click "Qualifiers Menu" > "Qualifiers".

    2. Add the network as separate IPs, an IP Range, or a subnet.

    3. Click "Qualifiers Menu" > "Qualifier Set".

    4. Add the new qualifier(s) into the required Qualifier Set of Networking Archetype.
      If you do not have a policy group already set up for this network, you will need to create one. You can follow the steps for creating a policy group detailed in the Policy Manager Guide. If you require any assistance, please email support at