DHCP Syslog Service Troubleshooting

DHCP Syslog Service does not start automatically on reboot

  • Confirm that the services are set with an “Automatic (Delayed Start)” Startup Type.


Confirm DHCP Logs are being created

Verify Windows DHCP server log settings - specifically, the location where the Windows DHCP server writes out its log files.

  • Open the registry to confirm this by locating the following key:

  • Please note that this key may not be present. This is normal provided the default settings are used for the Windows DHCP server. If the key is not present, then log files will be written to the "C:/windows/system32/dhcp"

    • If the key is present, record where the log files are written.

  • Navigate to the path in the file system and confirm the presence of DHCP server logs. SafeConnect DHCPSyslog uses this path to find the log files.

  • Look for log files that begin with DhcpSrvLog-XXX (XXX will correspond to the day of the week). These log files should be updating in real-time. If the ‘Date Modified’ timestamp is more than a minute or two old, the value in step 1 of this document will need to be increased and the DHCP service restarted.