Configure Home Server Proxy Rules

Step-by-step guide

Home Server Proxy rules are only used in situations where more than one Home Server pool is configured. If there is only Home Server pool, there is no need to configure any proxy rules. To configure Proxy rules, click on the “Pool Proxy Rules” tab, and select the “Default” pool. Any traffic that does not match a proxy rule will be forwarded to the “Default” pool. To add a proxy rule click on the “Add Rule” button:


Proxy rules can fully support regular expression and can match one of three criteria:

  • Domain: Also referred to as realm. This is the domain portion of a username following one of these formats:

    • DOMAIN\username

    • username@domain

  • NAS IP: This will match against a specific NAS IP address. A NAS could be a wireless controller, ap or wired switch.

  • Username: Will match against any portion of username.

A single rule can have multiple conditions. If multiple conditions are specified, note that a RADIUS request must match ALL criteria for the rule to apply. If OR conditions are needed, additional rules must be created. Below is two examples proxy rules.

Single Condition:


Multiple Conditions:


After creating rules, a pool can be chosen for RADIUS requests that match a specific rule. In this example, two rules have been created that forward RADIUS requests to an alternate pool. Any traffic that does not match either of these two rules will be forwarded to the default pool: