User Guide

Welcome aboard, and thank you for choosing MetaAccess NAC!

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On this page you will learn how to:

  • Download and install your VM

  • Run through some initial configurations steps

  • Understand how to get help and support

  • Get started on your deployment

  • OPTIONAL: Access training guides and other resources that might be useful

Download and Install Your MetaAccess NAC VM

CRITICAL: Please follow these instructions to download and configure the MetaAccess NAC VM.

  1. Download the MetaAccess NAC image here

    • Note: for customers with a license for 20,000 or more users, your deployment engineer(s) will make additional configuration changes to your image after it’s installed.

  2. Follow the instructions in the VM Deployment Guide to install and configure the MetaAccess NAC in the admin's virtual environment.

Initial Configuration

CRITICAL: Make sure you have ALL these boxes checked before you go live!

Email to get help with any of these steps!
Subject: Initial Configuration Help

  1. DHCP syslog

    • If you use BlueCat or another Linux-based DHCP server(s), you can usually point standard syslog output to port 514 on the MetaAccess NAC VM’s internal IP.

    • If you use Windows DHCP, please follow the step-by-step instructions here: DHCP Syslog Service Installation and Configuration

    • Note: Without DHCP syslog for all managed devices, users may need to authenticate more often than you’d like!

  2. DHCP requests

    • For each VLAN you will manage with MetaAccess NAC, please add a NEW ip-helper statement pointed to the MetaAccess NAC VM’s internal IP.

    • This will be in addition to any existing ip-helper statements. Users will continue to get DHCP from your usual server(s), but MetaAccess NAC will now also see a copy of each request.

    • Note: Without DHCP requests, MetaAccess NAC will not be able to identify mobile devices or other BYOD endpoints connecting to your network!

  3. Authentication

    • Use the following link to get MetaAccess NAC talking to your AD or LDAP directory server(s): DHCP Syslog Service Installation and Configuration

    • This step is critical when setting up captive portal authentication for your internal BYOD users!

    • This will also provide Single Sign On for your dot1x and secure wireless users.

OPTIONAL: You could get a jump on these if you like, but but feel free to skip them if they don't make sense.

Email to get help with any of these steps!
Subject: Network Configuration Help

  1. Set up the SafeConnect RADIUS Server:

  2. Check out our Network Integration Guides for Layer 2 and Layer 3 enforcement

Register for Support

CRITICAL: Do these steps before you do anything else!

1. Support Process

Get Your Deployment Calls Started

Email to schedule your first deployment call.
Subject: Deployment Kickoff Call

Explore other resources

OPTIONAL: Check out our Admin and UI Guides, Troubleshooting Resources, and other helpful tools.

3. Training Guides and Knowledge Base