1. Support Process

CRITICAL: New customers should complete these steps before continuing!

  1. Bookmark the OPSWAT Support portal at https://www.opswat.com/support

  2. Open a Support case with all your approved contacts, including

    1. Full Name

    2. Job Title

    3. Email Address

    4. Preferred Contact Number

CRITICAL: Please keep these in mind whenever you think about SafeConnect Support.

  1. Contact us early and often!

    • If your issue is network related, we’d like to know, even if you’re not sure MetaAccess NAC is involved.

    • Best case, we can track something down in MetaAccess NAC that saves you a lot of time troubleshooting.

    • Worst case, we can work with you to rule out MetaAccess NAC so you can focus your efforts more effectively elsewhere.

  2. When opening a case, please always include these 3 things

    1. How soon do you need a response?

      • This is by FAR the most important factor!

      • If you have a P1 issue, please choose the highest severity and impact dropdown options when creating a case.

      • Always feel free to give us a call as well if you really need a response ASAP. The priority support line is 1 813 607 2771

    2. MAC address of an affected device

      • This helps our Support team get started troubleshooting immediately

    3. Brief, specific description of the user experience

      • Please be as clear as possible. Examples:

        • User gets the right VLAN, but can’t pull an IP address

        • Mobile device unable to associate with the secure SSID

        • User is able to browse when they should be blocked

        • DNS lookups failing