Change History for OPSWAT Privacy Policy

Privacy and Terms 08 Apr 2019

  • 3rd Party Data Processors

    • Drift: Removed Drift from Privacy Policy since Drift is no longer used as our Live Chat service.

    • Zendesk: Removed Zendesk from Privacy Policy and replaced with our new provider, Salesforce.

    • MetaAccess: no outside contractors currently used for troubleshooting this OPSWAT product.

Privacy Policy 2.0 25 May 2018

  • Clear, user-friendly language

    • To make the policy easier to understand, we use clear, plain language and better formatting.

  • Transparency

    • The policy explains what information we collect and how we use it, how long we retain it and identifies service providers we use to process the information.

  • Control over your data

    • We make it clear how you can control the information you provided to us. The policy explains how we keep your data secure and how you can exercise your privacy rights. For example, we have introduced a simple way to process your request. See more details.

  • Application specific privacy policy

    • We have been providing access to multiple applications (OPSWAT MetaAccess™, Metadefender® Cloud, and Portal) with a single account. Going forward, we will provide application-specific opt-in to make it easier for you to specify which application you would like to access. If you have created an account with us before 18 May 2018, you will be opted in to all of the above-mentioned applications. If you want to change your opt-in, you can log in and go to the Profile page to change your consent. If you have created an account with us after 18 May 2018, you will need to opt-in any application you would like to access.

  • Privacy Shield certification