Windows Users

Please follow the below instructions to protect your device from unauthorized users

After you fix issues, please perform a security scan on your device by following the below steps

  • Open Start Menu, search for OPSWAT Client (or MetaAccess) and run it


  • Right click on the agent tray icon, click "Check application security" to enforce the agent scans device compliance data and report to the MetaAccess servers again.


How to fix "User password protection is disabled"

Step 1: Go to Change your password from the Windows menu


Step 2: Click on Change button on the Password section


Step 3: Follow the wizard to setup your account password

How to fix "Lock screen timeout is not set"

Step 1: Go to Settings > Personalization > Lock screen, and select Screen saver settings.

Step 2: In the Screen Saver Settings window, set a timeout which comply with your organization requirement on Wait drop-down box and check on "On resume, display logon screen" setting

Screen saver settings

Note: you may need to restart your machine to apply the new settings on some devices.