Why is MetaAccess reporting an issue with password and lock-screen unexpectedly?

The compliance state shown in the MetaAccess console and APIs always reflects the most recent report compiled by the OPSWAT Client. This can create a situation where no user is logged into the PC but OPSWAT Client is running in the background, and therefore cannot report the compliance state of any user-specific settings. These settings include password and lock-screen.

A common scenario is when OPSWAT Client is installed on a device, and the device is rebooted but left at the log on screen for an extended period of time. During this time MetaAccess will report user authentication settings are out-of-compliance. The issue is resolved automatically after a user logs in to the device.

In case, you would like to skip User Authentication check if there is no active user session on a device, you can add an exception check for this category by checking the option under Policy-->Compliance--> "Skip user authentication check if no active user session has been initiated". By this way, your device will not be assessed this category if we detect no active user session.


This article was last updated on 2018-09-05