Why does OPSWAT Client report reboot time on my device incorrect?

I just shutdown my machine, but OPSWAT Client still reports incorrect the reboot time. This issue happens when your device turns on fast startup setting. This causes the device was not actually rebooted even you shut it down.

You can enforce Windows perform a full shutdown and cold restart while keeping the fast start-up ON by

  • selecting Restart option from the power menu.

  • OR holding down Shift as you choose Shut Down from the power menu.

In case, you would like to turn off Fast Start-up setting, you can follow the below steps. Note that these steps were done on Windows 10, if you are on other Windows version, the UI can be slightly different.

  • Open Control panel

  • Navigate to Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Power Options\System Settings

  • Select "Shutdown" option for the setting "When I press the power button"

  • Uncheck "Turn on fast startup" option

  • Click Save Changes


This article was last updated on 2020-06-24