What is the OPSWAT agent?

The OPSWAT agent is a lightweight, unobtrusive application which runs on every machine that is being managed by your MetaAccess account. The MetaAccess transmits the machine's security status to the Cloud and receives commands from the Cloud in order to resolve any issues with the machine.The MetaAccess gets installed on a machine by a MetaAccess installer package (.msi file for Windows; .dmg file for macOS; .rpm or .deb for Linux; .apk for Android; .ipa for iOS) or is run on-demand. The installer package has the same features and behavior as a typical installer package of the same type i.e. you will need administrator level credentials to install it on the local machine, you can apply it remotely using any of the domain controller group policy features that support dissemination and remote installation of applications, etc.The various client packages are available in the MetaAccess Console via the "ADD DEVICES" button.Once installed or running, information collected by MetaAccess will start to appear in the MetaAccess console available by logging in at www.gears.opswat.com

This article applies to MetaAccess product.
This article was last updated on 2017-09-27.