What is a Critical Issue on a policy?

OPSWAT Client reports many different types of information about a device. Some of these items can be considered ISSUES if a MetaAccess administrator decides it is an unwanted condition.

E.G. If an organization's security regulations require all hard drives to be encrypted, the MetaAccess administrator would set Is Issue? to true for 'No encryption application is installed' by checking on that setting.

In some cases, an admin may want to consider a particular issue as more severe than another. To do so, the admin would also check on Is Critical Issue? for that particular issue.

An example policy:


To see a list of all devices with critical issues, apply the Critical filter in the device list view on the MetaAccess console.



By declaring some issues as critical and others are regular severity, differing levels of access can be allowed via integration with a secure access solution or MetaAccess API. For example, you may wish to use regular issues to trigger a warning or placement in a remediation VLAN, whereas a critical issue may result in full network disconnect.

This article was last updated on 2020-03-07