What is Access Control on MetaAccess?

OPSWAT MetaAccess is a cloud based access control solution that helps organizations enforce endpoint compliance and prevent contamination of cloud applications by blocking potentially compromised or non-compliant devices from accessing SaaS applications.
MetaAccess is natively built for a cloud user experience and enables enhanced secure access to cloud applications from cooperated/unmanaged BYOD devices. MetaAccess integrates with almost all identity providers (IdPs) that use SAML for single sign-on. After a user authenticates with a SAML-based cloud IdP provider, the solution performs a device-level compliance check before allowing users to access business-critical applications.

As 07/31/2018, MetaAccess supports device compliance check before granting a device to access cloud applications on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. For other operating systems, you can decide always block/allow them to access services by updating access rules.

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This article was last updated on 2018-07-31