Step 4. Update Applications settings on Identity Provider

This step is done on your IdP to tell your IdP forward user authentication to OPSWAT MetaAccess for checking device posture status before granting them log into your applications. Otherwise, IdP will allow the user to your application directly without going through MetaAccess.

Before implementing this step, you need to add your IdP and applications to your MetaAccess account by following Step 2. Add protected applications with IdP Method

1. Log into the MetaAccess console, navigate to Secure Access > Protected App

2. Select the application you added in Step 2. Add protected applications with IdP Method, select SSO Setup Instructions tab and copy an ACS URL that MetaAccess generated for the application. This URL is used to replace the ACS URL of the application on IdP.


3. Log into your IdP console as an administrator and navigate to your application single sign-on settings

4. Replace ACS URL/LogIn URL of your application on the IdP with the ACS URL on MetaAccess console for your application that you got from step 2 in this section.


5. Save your changed settings