Okta IdP

On Okta IdP, each application exposes different parameters for you to configure. Depend on an application you want to integrate with MetaAccess, you can find a different way to configure the application on Okta to enforce Okta forward user authentication to MetaAccess for checking device posture status before granting a user access to the application.

On Sign On/General tab of an application you would like to integrate with MetaAccess, you need to replace Application SSO URL (Application ACS URL) by an URL which MetaAccess generated for your app when you add the application in step 2. The below screenshot is an example on Salesforce application


Note: If you couldn't find the application SSO URL in the application settings, you need to add the application to Okta manually, for example Dropbox, Slack.

Here are guidelines for some applications which cover both above use cases.