How do I uninstall Antivirus software from a managed endpoint?

A MetaAccess administrator can remotely uninstall antivirus software on a managed device from the MetaAccess console by following these steps:

  1. Log into MetaAccess console

  2. Navigate to Inventory > Devices

  3. Click on a device you desire to uninstall the product.

  4. On Device Details, find the Anti-Malware block under DETAIL DEVICE INFORMATION and Expand it .

  5. Look for the product you want to uninstall.

  6. Click on the gear icon that shows on the far right of the entry.

  7. Click the pop-up balloon that says "Uninstall".

Note: Not all antivirus products are supported for this feature. If the antivirus product is not supported, the gear icon will not appear for that entry

This article was last updated on 2017-10-25