How do I remove OPSWAT Client from my device?

OPSWAT Client can be removed from a device either remotely through the MetaAccess console or locally from the device itself.Automated UninstallationWindows installed agents only

  1. Download our uninstaller from OPSWAT Client Uninstaller Tool v7.0.exe

  2. Run the the uninstaller with Administrator privileges.
    Note: Your local anti-malware may require an exception to run the uninstall tool, please add an exception on your devices if needed.

Manual Local UninstallationWindows, Installed Version

  1. Use "Programs and Features" or "Add/Remove Programs" within Windows Control Panel depending on your version of Windows,

  2. Select "OPSWAT MetaAccess" or "OPSWAT Agent" or "OPSWAT Client" depending on what agent version you are running for uninstallation

Windows, On-demand Version

  1. If the OPSWAT Client is running, right-click OPSWAT Client icon on the Tray area

  2. Click Exit menu on the tray icon to stop the OPSWAT Client

macOS, Installed Version

  1. Go to the Applications/OPSWAT GEARS Client folder.

  2. Click on the "Uninstall" option.

  3. Administrator credentials will be needed to uninstall the program.

  4. Alternatively open terminal and run:
    sudo sh "/Applications/OPSWAT GEARS Client/"

Mac, On-demand Version

  1. If the OPSWAT Client is running, right-click OPSWAT Client icon on the dock

  2. Click Exit menu on the tray icon to stop the OPSWAT Client

Linux V3:CentOS Version

  1. Run command:
    sudo yum remove gearsd

Ubuntu Version

  1. Run command:
    sudo apt-get remove gearsd

Linux V4:Debian-based (15.4.x.y)

  1. Run command:
    sudo /usr/bin/dpkg -r opswatclient

Redhat-based (15.6.x.y)

  1. Run command:
    sudo rpm -e opswatclient

Mobile App

  1. Uninstall/delete the application from the device

Manual Remote UninstallationWindows and macOS installed agents only

  1. Log into the MetaAccess console at

  2. Navigate to Inventory > Devices

  3. Select the device you wish to delete. (you can search by its name)

  4. Choose Actions > Delete action

  5. Confirm your action

*Windows and macOS on-demand agents, Linux and mobile agents cannot be uninstalled remotely.NotesIf you uninstall OPSWAT Client using one of our manual processes listed above, some log files and registries will be kept in the system for possible future use. The automated uninstallation method completely removes everything including all logs and registries.Removing an installed OPSWAT Client either via the MetaAccess console or via the device itself will result in the following:

  • If an on-demand, mobile agent is removed via the MetaAccess console, it may also need to be removed locally on the device. This removal is automatic only for installed agents

  • If an on-demand, mobile agent is stopped or removed locally on the device, it should also be removed via the MetaAccess console otherwise MetaAccess will automatically remove it at the earlier of your Lost Devices duration if it's configured

  • The OPSWAT Client will no longer be on the device

  • The MetaAccess will no longer track or display the device on the console

  • The MetaAccess account license previously assigned to that device is free to be applied to another device

To make sure all components of the OPSWAT Client have been removed, you can review our KB article: How can I make sure OPSWAT Client is completely removed from my endpoint?

This article was last updated on 2020-04-27