How do I invite additional users to manage my account?

In order to invite an additional user to manage your account:

1. Log into MetaAccess console

2. Go to User Management.

3. Click on the “Invite User” button to invite users to manage your account.


4. Enter the user’s email address and the role you wish them to have: Administrator or ReadOnly on the Invitation popup.

5. Click on the “Invite” button to send out the invitation.The user will then receive an email with an invitation. They do not need to be a current MetaAccess account holder. They need to log in to MetaAccess console then go to User Information (click on the user's name and account name) to accept/decline the invitation.


Once a user has been invited or added to your account, you will have the ability, through this console, to see:

  • The date the user was invited

  • The status of the invitation

  • The role selected for the user

You are able to click Update/Delete users at any time.

Note that this feature is only available for paid accounts.

This article applies to MetaAccess product.
This article was last updated on 2018-06-11