How do I invite additional users to manage my account?

This feature is only available on accounts that purchased licenses with MetaAccess. You can learn more about MetaAccess Pricing here

In order to invite an additional user to manage your account:

1. Log into MetaAccess console

2. Go to User Management.

3. Click on the “Invite User” button to invite users to manage your account.


4. Select a user role you wish them to have: Administrator or Read-Only on the Invitation popup.

- Administrator: when you would like to invite someone to manage the account and that person can make changes on the account

- Read-Only: when you would like to invite someone to manage the account BUT that person can only VIEW information on the account, that person couldn't make any changes.

Note: End-user role is not for end-users who can log into only OPSWAT Client to use SDP feature.

5. Enter an email address of the person you would like to invite to your account. Note that this user doesn't need to have an OPSWAT account at this moment, but (s)he is required to sign up an account with OPSWAT MetaAccess if (s)he has not done so before accepting the invitation

6. Enter your PIN to confirm the action

7. Click on the “Invite” button to send out the invitation.


8. If the action is successful, the user will then receive an email with an invitation. The user can follow this guideline to accept your invitation and start managing your account.

9. Once the user has been invited or added to your account, you will have the ability, through this console, to see:

  • The date the user was invited

  • The status of the invitation

  • The role selected for the user

You are able to click Update/Delete users at any time.

This article applies to MetaAccess product.
This article was last updated on 2021-02-01