How do I hide Application Management on OPSWAT Client UI?

From version 7.6.389.0 and beyond, OPSWAT Client introduces a user interface (UI) to interact with end-users. The OPSWAT Client UI offers an Application Management screen to give end-users a visibility about applications installed on their device and provide remediation options (if applicable) to resolve potential security issues.

If you do not want this feature to be available to users, you can follow the steps below to hide application management on UI.

Note that this customization is only applicable for OPSWAT Client version 7.6.429.0 and beyond.

  1. Download the default rebranding package here and extract it

  2. Change value of the parameter “app_management.disabled” to 1 in config.json file. By default, its value is 0 (show the App Management screen on the OPSWAT Client user interface)

    "app_management": {
    "disabled": 1
  3. Zip all the files and folder again and make sure they are not nested in a folder

  4. Log into Central Management Console

  5. Navigate to Settings > Global Settings > Device Agent tab > Agent section

  6. Upload the modified rebranding package to the setting “Make OPSWAT Client user interface available to end-users


7. Click Save and confirm your PIN to save your changes.

8. Wait for few minutes then check the OPSWAT Client UI again

This article was last updated on 2021-02-01