How do I enable agent auto-update feature?

OPSWAT Client (persistent agent) is able to automatically update to the latest version whenever OPSWAT releases a new agent.

To enable this feature, the administrator needs to enable the agent's auto-update feature in the MetaAccess console:

  1. Log into MetaAccess console

  2. Navigate to Settings > Global Settings

  3. On the Device Agents tab, check on the “ Allow agents to automatically update to the latest version ” option as shown in the screenshot below

  4. Click the Save button


Note: OPSWAT only supports agent auto-update from one version to another with a maximum of 3 releases apart. i.e. If a user has an agent which is at version, OPSWAT only supports auto-upgrade from this agent version to 3 released versions immediately after:,,

This article applies to OPSWAT Client.
This article was last updated on 2019-04-30.