How could I retrieve Client ID and Client Secret on MetaAccess to integrate with my NAC or SSL/VPN solution?

MetaAccess easily integrates with third party products such as Network Access Control, IPSEC VPN and SSL VPN, providing advanced compliance and compromised device information which these solutions can utilize to make enforcement actions.

Some integration requires you to fill in Client ID and Client Secret when you set up it. This guideline shows you steps to archive those information.

Before getting started, you will need to set up a MetaAccess account in order to begin registering your applications to our platform. Follow guideline here to set up your account on MetaAccess. Once your account is created, you can proceed with registering your application as below steps. Following submission, applications are confirmed and Client Key and Client Secret strings are provided. These keys are unique and should remain confidential.

1. Log into our MetaAccess oAuth Portal

2. Navigate to Application on the top menu


3. Fill in required information

  • Application name

  • Description: application description

  • Application icon: icon of your application

  • Website URL: your website URL

  • Callback URL:where user is redirected after authorizing application for access to the account, for example

4. Click SAVE

5. Copy the Client Key (Client ID) and Client Secret there


Note: Please reference our Branding Guidelines for your application name.

This article applies to MetaAccess product.
This article was last updated on 2017-10-20