How could I find an app ID of an application?

App ID of an application on both Android and iOS platform should be configured when you add SaaS applications to enforce endpoint compliance from accessing the SaaS applications or integrate with MetaAccess through Universal link on mobile devices to improve user experience. App ID is an application URL scheme on iOS or an Android package name.

On iOS:

  • Download app installer file (.ipa file).

  • Change .ipa to .zip

  • Unzip and open the Payload folder

  • Right click on app, 'Show Package Contents'

  • Open 'Info.plist'

  • Search for URL Schemes key (it could be under URL Types key)

On Android:

Option 1: use web browser

  • Go to Google Play Store

  • Search for an app

  • You can get a package name of the app from the id parameter in the URL


Option 2: use mobile device

  • Install ES File Explorer File Manager app and an app you desire to get a package name on your device

  • Open the ES File Explorer File Manager app

  • Tap on APP category


  • Look for the app you desire to get a package name


  • Tap on the app, a package name will be shown on the app details


This article was last updated on 2018-06-20