How can I pre-tag devices with a tag?

MetaAccess provides a mechanism for pre-tagging devices according to any arbitrary string.

1. Tag devices via enrollment process

For installed Windows and OSX version:

A tag name must be appended to the installer file name. For example if the managed device installer for Windows for an account is named OPSWAT_GEARS_Client_3445-d212055151e00f8b6ecd3dfb73032391-0.msi the installer would be renamed to OPSWAT_GEARS_Client_3445-d212055151e00f8b6ecd3dfb73032391-0-SanFranciscoOffice.msi to tag devices with the tag “SanFranciscoOffice”

For Android and iOS:

Enter a tag to GROUP IDENTITY in advanced mode when you enroll your device. If you enter a group id of a device group on your account, the device will be assigned to that group when it connects to the MetaAccess cloud.


Or add it to the deeplink: gears://regcode/<your reg code>/SanFranciscoOffice

2. Manually edit the device’s nickname with a tag name

3. Where do I see a devices with a specific tag?

After enrolling a a device with a tag name, the nickname of the device will be constructed as 'hostname'+"-"+'tag name' automatically. This nickname field is searchable on the cloud console as well as API.

On the cloud console, go to Inventory > Devices and search with a tag name

Notes: Pre-tag feature is not applicable for dissolvable and Linux agents.

You can also use Get Devices API with search parameter to retrieve devices which is tagged with the tag name.

This article was last updated on 2020-09-01.