How can I pre-tag devices with a tag?

MetaAccess provides a mechanism for pre-tagging devices according to any arbitrary string.

1. Tag devices via enrollment process

For installed Windows and OSX version:

A tag name must be appended to the installer file name. For example if the managed device installer for Windows for an account is named OPSWAT_GEARS_Client_3445-d212055151e00f8b6ecd3dfb73032391-0.msi the installer would be renamed to OPSWAT_GEARS_Client_3445-d212055151e00f8b6ecd3dfb73032391-0-SanFranciscoOffice.msi to tag devices with the tag “SanFranciscoOffice”

For Android and iOS:

Enter a tag to GROUP IDENTITY in advanced mode when you enroll your device. If you enter a group id of a device group on your account, the device will be assigned to that group when it connects to the MetaAccess cloud.


Or add it to the deeplink: gears://regcode/4X7GZ7SN/SanFranciscoOffice

2. Manually edit the device’s nickname with a tag name

3. Where do I see a devices with a specific tag?

After enrolling a a device with a tag name, the nickname of the device will be constructed as 'hostname'+"-"+'tag name' automatically. This nickname field is searchable on the cloud console as well as API.

On the cloud console, go to Inventory > Devices and search with a tag name

Notes: Pre-tag feature is not applicable for dissolvable and Linux agents.

With API, calling GET with search parameter. The API would return devices which is tagged with the tag name.
search: "SanFrancisco"
limit: 20,
page: 1

This article applies to MetaAccess product.
This article was last updated on 2018-06-13.