How can I add my own MetaDefender API servers to scan threats on devices?

Administrators can now add local MetaDefender API servers to MetaAccess for threat scans.

Here are steps:

  • Log into MetaAccess console

  • Navigate to Settings > Global > MetaDefender Servers

  • Click on ADD SERVER button

  • Fill in required information

    • Name: name of the server for your reference

    • API Key: an API key on MetaDefender Server

    • Server address: MetaDefender server address


  • Click on ADD button. Note that the server information has not saved yet. You need to hit SAVE to save all your changes on this page.

  • Click SAVE button and enter your PIN to add servers.

Note that: MetaAccess will try to connect to your server when you hit TEST CONNECTION button, if your server can be connected from Internet, the TEST CONNECTION will be successfully; otherwise, it will be failed. However, you just need to make sure devices which you want to scan files with the server can connect to the server.

This article was last updated on 2020-12-09