Does MetaAccess check for missing operating system patches and hotfixes?

MetaAccess is capable of checking the endpoint's operating system (Windows or macOS) for any missing patches or hotfixes. We use the operating system's classification of mandatory and optional, where mandatory usually means Critical or Important severity.

If no patches or hotfixes are found missing, then MetaAccess will report the OS up-to-date status of this device as true. If any mandatory patches or hotfixes are missing however, the OS up-to-date status will be false.

MetaAccess also provides a list of the detected missing patches or hotfixes along with severity and timestamp of the last check in the "Missing Patches" tab.


You can configure how often a device reports missing patches to MetaAccess on MetaAccess console at Settings >> Global Settings >> Device Agents


This article applies to MetaAccess
This article was last updated on 2017-08-29