A device could not resolve cross-domain API URL

Cross-domain API is a mechanism which allows 3rd party solution interact with OPSWAT Client to get device ID for a device which OPSWAT Client is installed. Learn more details here.

OPSWAT Client uses eapi.opswatgears.com domain for this API and it should be resolved to a loopback IP address, for example

If you try to resolve the domain eapi.opswatgears.com from a configured DNS server on your device and you get no result or it’s in correct. Please contact your administrators to solve the problem.

While waiting for a permanent solution, you can add that domain to a hosts file on your device as a workaround solution by following the below steps.

On Windows Devices

Step 1: openWindows Start menu → search for Notepad → Choose Run as administrator


Step 2: Choose File Open


Step 3: Paste C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts.txt at File name → Choose Open


Step 4: Add eapi.opswatgears.com to hosts.txt → Save


On macOS Devices

Step 1: Launch Terminal

Step 2: Type sudo nano /etc/hosts and press Enter


Step 3: Enter your admin password

Step 4: Add eapi.opswatgears.com to this file


Step 5: When finished, hit Control+O followed by ENTER/RETURN to save changes, then hit Control+X to exit out of nano

On Linux Devices

Note: these steps were recorded on Ubuntu. If you use different distro or version, the user interface can be different.

Step 1: Launch Terminal

Step 2: Typesudo nano /etc/hostsand press Enter


Step 3: Enter your admin password

Step 4: Add eapi.opswatgears.com to this file


Step 5: When finished, hit Control+X and hit Y to save changes