4. Release Notes

Minimum OS versions for MetaAccess Agents are Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, and macOS Mavericks (10.9). Prior OS versions are not supported

Release date: November 27, 2018

Console Version:

Release Updates

MetaAccess Cloud

1. Added support to integrate with 3rd party SSO service: an account can provision users through their own SSO service


2. Enhanced user management with search/filter and update abilities


3. Enhanced the remediation page to show end-users an overview about the device’s issues

4. Added number of vulnerabilities of a device into Inventory reports

5. Added a new OAuth API Account Details v3.0: added the license key to the API response

MetaAccess Agents

Windows On-demand Agent (7.3.376.0)
1. Added support for cross-domain API for the on-demand agent with admin rights
2. Updated built-in SDK signature: OESIS 4.3.389.0

macOS Persistent Agent (
1. Updated built-in SDK signature: OESIS 4.3.327.0

macOS On-demand Agent (
1. Updated built-in SDK signature: OESIS 4.3.327.0