3. Secure Access

OPSWAT MetaAccess is a single integrated platform to address challenges and complexities in security management. It is uniquely positioned to ensure that wherever your data is located and wherever the user is located, the access and the device will be secure and meet your security policies. Implementing secure access for remote and on-prem users, and ensuring endpoint compliance for managed, BYOD and IoT devices can take months to a year requiring senior network engineers and administrators, as well as third party consultants . Learn more

Remote workers, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) acceptance, and applications hosted in the cloud are making managing and protecting important corporate information harder than ever. OPSWAT makes it easy for you to view and control the devices that access your cloud applications and tie users to devices' ownership.


OPSWAT MetaAccess offers the widest set of access control options before gaining access to the networks and applications.