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Security Enhancement Notification

MetaAccess is scheduling a security enhancement on December 8th, 2020. Within this change, MetaAccess is changing the algorithm used to store/exchange sensitive data that secures your account. While this improves the security for all customers, those with the “Require PIN when a user uninstalls agents on a device" setting enabled will be impacted. We encourage you to take the suggested actions.

What is changing?

In adherence with best practices, MetaAccess is shifting to use SHA-2 rather than MD5 for storing/exchanging sensitive data.

What is the impact?

For most customers there is no impact, including no downtime. However, for those with “Require PIN when a user uninstalls agents on a device” (Settings > Global Settings > Device Agent) enabled, users couldn’t uninstall the client manually if the device is running an out-of-date agent, other client functions are not be impacted. To migrate this impact, we encourage you enable “Allow agents to automatically update to the latest version” setting (Settings > Global Settings > Device Agent) on your account to allow the OPSWAT Client to auto-upgrade to the latest version before December 22nd, 2020. (original plan was December 8th, 2020.)

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