3.5. Audit access activities

MetaAccess understands the complex BYOD ownership problem in managing BYOD devices. Now, MetaAccess uniquely addresses this problem by recording a user identity such like application username with each device they use when accessing cloud applications, increasing unmanaged device control without requiring any IT infrastructure changes, network traffic manipulation, or mobile device management (MDM).

By integrating your SSO solution with MetaAccess and enabling " Allow MetaAccess to record a user who is using a device to access an application" option, MetaAccess starts recording users who are using devices to access cloud applications when IdP forwards user authentication to MetaAccess.


From MetaAccess console or through MetaAccess API, administrators can now see who is using a device to access what application and which action MetaAccess took for that access activities. This brings more visibility to administrators to address who is trying to access cloud applications from unknown devices. By this way, administrators is easy to identify risk from unknown devices.


This article was last updated on 2018-05-21