(Optional) Set Up Local Users

For most customers, this approach will be useful only for POCs or small scale initial testing. Some customers use local SDP user accounts in production as well, but this is uncommon.

To set up SDP end user authentication for production, you will most likely want to use a SAML IdP, as shown here: Configure SAML authentication for end users

If you want to get some quick testing done before setting up the full SAML integration, you can create SDP user credentials in the MetaAccess console directly.

  1. Navigate to User Management > Users and click “Invite New User” at the top right. images/download/attachments/5706238/add-local-user-01.png

  2. Choose “End User” from the dropdown.

  3. Fill in the user’s contact info, then enter your admin PIN an press “Invite” images/download/attachments/5706238/add-local-user-02.png

  4. The user will receive an email containing

    • Registration code

    • Username and temporary password

    • Download link for the OPSWAT client

    • Instructions to install and change the temp password images/download/attachments/5706238/registration-email.png