Add protected applications

Note: This feature requires a premium MetaAccess License.

This section guides you through a workflow to protect your applications with SDP method.

1. Define the Secure App.

For testing purpose, OPSWAT hosts a demo application at demo.cloud.impulse.com .

  • You will need to Enable Secure Access first if you have not done so.

  • Click Add Protected App, then choose “SDP Gateway”. To protect applications with IdP Method, you can refer 3.1. SAML IdP Method


2. Fill in your application information as shown below:

  • Application Name: this name will be shown to your end-users. For example: Demo

  • Access Mode:

    • Monitor: the system will always allow an authorized users to access the application without processing access rules on your account

    • Enforce: the system will process access rules to decide if the system grants an authorized users access to the application

  • Application Type: it can be an web application or SSH, RDP or Other

  • Application URL: where the application is hosted

  • Ports: ports the application is running

  • Protocol

  • Check on Allow ICMP Traffic if you allow devices send ICMP traffic to the application

  • Enter your PIN

  • Click SAVE

Note: For common used application, please refer to Common Used Application Setup


3. Assign who can access to this application. This step can be skipped and do later. Refer Grant users access to protected applications for more details.

-Select end-users and IdP Groups in the available Users/Groups list

- Click the arrow icon to add to the selected Users/Groups lists to grant end-users/IdP groups access to the applications.

-Enter your PIN



4. You may be asked to set up a SDP Gateway if you have not set up SDP Gateway, please refer Set up an SDP Gateway for detailed guideline.

5. Configure your firewall/proxy to lock the application down so only SDP Gateways can reach your application. At this step, the system will show available gateways on your account.