Add protected applications

Note: This feature requires a premium MetaAccess license.

This section guides you through a workflow to protect your applications with SDP method.

1. Define the Secure App.

For testing purpose, OPSWAT hosts a demo application at demo.cloud.impulse.com .

  • You will need to Enable Secure Access first if you have not done so.

  • Click Add Protected App, then choose “SDP Gateway”. To protect applications with IdP Method, you can refer 3.1. SAML IdP Method


2. Fill in your application information as shown below:

  • Application Name: this name will be shown to your end-users. For example: Demo

  • Access Mode:

    • Monitor: the system will always allow an authorized users to access the application without processing access rules on your account

    • Enforce: the system will process access rules to decide if the system grants an authorized users access to the application

  • Application Type: it can be an web application or SSH, RDP or Other

  • Application URL: where the application is hosted

  • Ports: ports the application is running

  • Protocol

  • Check on Allow ICMP Traffic if you allow devices send ICMP traffic to the application

  • Enter your PIN

  • Click SAVE


3. Assign who can access to this application. This step can be skipped and do later. Refer 3.2.3. Grant users access to protected applications for more details.

-Select end-users and IdP Groups in the available Users/Groups list

- Click the arrow icon to add to the selected Users/Groups lists to grant end-users/IdP groups access to the applications.

-Enter your PIN



4. You may be asked to set up a SDP Gateway if you have not set up SDP Gateway, please refer 3.2.2 Set up an SDP Gateway for detailed guideline.

5. Configure your firewall/proxy to lock the application down so only SDP Gateways can reach your application. At this step, the system will show available gateways on your account.