3.1.1. How to set it up?

If your organization already uses Single Sign On (SSO) services for user authentication before accessing your cloud services, you can integrate with OPSWAT's MetaAccess solution to prevent non-compliant devices from accessing your cloud applications. We support most Identity Providers (IdPs) who support the Security Assertion Markup Language ( SAML) protocol (such as Okta, PingIdentity, Centrify, and OneLogin) as well as cloud services (applications) that support SAML SSO.

With MetaAccess, you no longer need to invest in expensive infrastructure or resources for upgrading, configuring, and maintaining your existing solution.

Before implementing your existing solution with OPSWAT, you need to have SSO set up for your applications. If you haven't done so yet, follow the guidelines provided by your IdP or cloud service provider to set up SSO.

To integrate your existing SSO system with OPSWAT solution, here is a check list :

All the above steps need to be carried to get the solution to work. Skipping any of these may cause some login issues. We strongly recommend testing your integration in Step 6: Test your integration and provide detailed guidelines for each use case here.