2.6. Universal Link

MetaAccess now supports universal link on the OPSWAT MetaAccess mobile app. With the universal link, MetaAccess provides a seamless way for you to link a custom id in your solution with a MetaAccess device id and use this custom id to query device details. Your app/website just needs to provide a MetaAccess app's universal link with a custom id as a parameter to end-users. By tapping the link, the universal link lets the user open the installed MetaAccess app and pass the custom id to the MetaAccess app. The MetaAccess app reports compliance data and links the custom id with the device id. Your solution can then use the Device Details API to query the device details with the custom id.

Universal Link Format




Data Type





a unique custom id you want to link to the device. If it's invalid, MetaAccess fails to send a report to the MetaAccess cloud and shows the error code as 4000

Only accept a-z, A-Z, 0-9, and hyphen (-) characters. Maximum length is 50 characters




name of an app which you want to tell the user go back after opening MetaAccess app. After reporting compliance data to MetaAccess cloud successfully, MetaAccess app will show a message to tell the user to go back to that app. If this is invalid or missing, MetaAccess just tells users go back to previous app




Android package name/iOS app scheme of the app which you want the user goes back. If this is invalid or missing, users need to go back to the desired app manually. Note that app_id is case-sensitive

See How could I find an app ID of an application?


Common Error Codes

The MetaAccess app will throw error message to end-users along with a specific error code.

Error code

Error Description



The custom id in the universal link is invalid


(No specific error code)

The MetaAccess app could not connect to the MetaAccess server

  1. If a device is on a cellular network, please check if the MetaAccess app is allowed to use cellular data

  2. Check if a mobile device can connect to the MetaAccess servers which the app is connecting to.

  3. If the server is up.

Example with an appID:

iOS: https://mobile.metaaccess.opswat.com/TEST67AD71?app_name=Salesforce&app_id=salesforce1://
Android: https://mobile.metaaccess.opswat.com/TEST67AD71?app_name=Salesforce&app_id=com.salesforce.chatter

On the MetaAccess app, users will get a message like the one below after the app reports data to the MetaAccess cloud successfully.


Example with an invalid custom id:

iOS: https://mobile.metaaccess.opswat.com/TEST!?app_name=Salesforce&app_id=salesforce1://

On MetaAccess app, users will get the below error message.


As June 15, 2018, MetaAccess releases a new agent version on mobile devices which supports Universal Link

  • iOS app version: 2.45.11+

  • Anroid app version: 2.54.4+