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About This Guide

Welcome to the MetaAccess guideline. This guideline is intended to provide the information you need to:

  • Integrate with MetaAccess platform. If you want to learn more about the product, you can visit here

  • Learn about new features, updated features, and bug fixes on each release

  • Learn about frequently asked questions and additional concepts through our library of knowledge base articles


MetaAccess (formerly as Metadefender Endpoint Management, a.k.a. MEM) is a network security management platform for IT and security professionals, that provides visibility over all types of endpoint applications from antivirus to hard disk encryption and public file sharing, as well as the ability to enforce compliance check before granting a device to access a cloud application.

Key Features of MetaAccess

  • Compliance checks reports of anti-malware, encryption, user authentication, Infection,...

  • Prevent risky devices access to your network or cloud services like Salesforce, Dropbox, O365, Box,...

  • Provide devices visibility and easy to manage your devices both cooperated devices and BYOD devices


Getting started with the MetaAccess platform is easy, and the available APIs allow you to efficiently integrate the MetaAccess features with your own solution. From the agent to the cloud, we have you covered.


Sign Up For An Account

You will need to set up a MetaAccess account in order to begin your work. Go here to create an account on OPSWAT Portal. Once your account is created, you can proceed to log into MetaAccess console to set up your MetaAccess account. You may monitor up to 25 devices for your development free of charge. If you would like to add more devices to your account, please contact our Sales for pricing information.

Read Our Documents

Before you begin your implementation, you will need to identify your specific use case:

  • API based application: If you wish to create an application to fetch data (devices, device compliance status, reports,...) or do batch actions (delete devices, exempt devices, ...) on your account, you should go through our MetaAccess APIs documents

  • Integration: If you wish to integrate MetaAccess with your solution, Integrations document is here for your reference.

  • If you would like to prevent risky devices from accessing your cloud applications through SAML SSO, you can check out how to configure your IdP and applications here

Start Implementation

You may now start implementing/configuring your applications/solutions. Be sure to refer to this user guide for detailed information on any issues you might wish to troubleshoot.

Test Your Solution

It's time for you to test your work. Before testing, you need to back to your MetaAccess console to download a proper agent and install it on your endpoints. Read our KB
How do I deploy or distribute OPSWAT Client to my devices? to know how to distribute MetaAccess agent to your devices.


Congratulations! You got there. You can celebrate a party to say cheers with your team.