Version 2.1.1

Release date: 3 March 2021


  • New storage integration: Azure Files

  • Added filtering options for Box storage

  • Enhanced support package

  • SMB protocol: improved performance

Bug fixes

  • Loop discovery of failed files

  • Malformed text in UI after page reload

  • Box: metadata not retained

  • Box: shared file processed multiple times

Version 2.1.0

Release date: 23 December 2020


  • Windows deployment

  • IAM Role support for AWS deployments

  • Added new storage unit type: SMB-Compatible

Bug fixes

  • Scan failure in Box due to links

  • Dell Isilon performance issues

  • Missing details for sanitization failures

  • Missing real time processing for duplicate files

Version 2.0.7

Release date: 30 October 2020


  • Expanded remediation functionality for Dell Isilon

  • New remediation feature: Move allowed files

  • Load Balancing support: Integrate with multiple MetaDefender Core servers via a Layer 7 Load Balancer

Bug fixes

  • Correctly move the sanitized file (with the encrypt original file option configuration)

  • Ability to add an empty bucket

  • Fixed timeout when adding an OneDrive storage unit

  • Fixed search results display for filtered reports

  • Display audit records with many items

Version 2.0.6

Release date: 25 September, 2020


  • Perform instant, scheduled or real-time scanning on your Dell Isilon storage units.

  • Email notification for new user registrations

  • More information in Audit related to remediation actions

Bug fixes

  • Incorrect file timestamp for S3 / S3-Compatible storage units

  • Bundled dependency instead of downloading from the Internet

  • Missing loader on page change

  • SMTP and Notifications pages

Version 2.0.5

Release date: 19 August, 2020


  • Improved onboarding for easier setup

  • More file details in the reports

  • Token expiration information exposed via authentication API

Bug fixes

  • Multiple files were created by Deep CDR remediation

  • Incorrect display of long filenames in Process A File page

  • Deleted files still available in the Trash folder after remediation action

Version 2.0.4

Release date: 15 July, 2020


  • Version and licensing information

  • Improved installation experience

Bug fixes

  • Restart RTP when the storage discovery will fail for some reason

  • Fixed caching issue that led to missing text for some UI elements

  • Field validation was fixed such that the correct list of users is displayed when changing storage for move / delete remediation actions

Version 2.0.3

Release date: 25 June, 2020


  • Additional remediation actions

  • Improved dashboard

  • Revert Deep CDR

  • Process single files for Box and OneDrive

Bug fixes

  • Improved installation experience on RHEL7 and RHEL8

  • The process scheduling algorithm was improved to ensure that the next process starts at the correct time

  • Real Time Processing configuration had been fixed so a new file is not scanned more than once needlessly (at the same time).

Version 2.0.2

Release date: 27 May, 2020


  • Deep CDR as a remediation action

  • Support for an advanced installation using an external MongoDB database

  • Added audit trail

Bug fixes

  • Filtering reports by date could yield no results

  • Large file processing with OneDrive

  • Performance issues when refreshing the dashboard

  • Unicode support for scan names

Version 2.0.1

Release date: 15 April, 2020


  • Improved the email report

  • Added left-side navigation menu to the initial configuration tutorial (onboarding)

  • Enhanced file analysis with vulnerability information