Advanced installation for Windows-based deployments

This page describes in detail how you can achieve the following tasks:

  • Use an external MongoDB server instead of the built-in database

  • Configure HTTPS communication for the web server

Use an external database

Production deployments of MetaDefender for Secure Storage should ensure high availability and/or load-balancing at the database level by using an external MongoDB (or any compatible service) instead of the built-in database that is included with the basic installation.

We recommend using a version of MongoDB that is the same as the built-in database version from the system requirements page.

How to setup an external MongoDB in MetaDefender for Secure Storage

These steps should be performed immediately after the installation (before completing the onboarding or any other UI configuration) because any existing data will be lost.

  1. Ensure that your external MongoDB is properly configured and ready to accept remote connections
    Note: it is recommended to setup access control for your external database as well as taking the necessary network security measures to ensure that only the server running MetaDefender for Secure Storage can access the database.

  2. Locate the configuration file customer.env created by the installer (by default it is located at C:\Program Files\OPSWAT\MetaDefender for Secure Storage\docker)

  3. Add the following configuration line:

  4. Please check the connection string documentation for more information. Make sure you add MDCS as the target database as shown in the example above.

  5. Save the file.

  6. Reinstall the internal components by running the following PowerShell command

    PS> .\mdss.ps1 -u reinstall
  7. Continue to the onboarding process.

Configure HTTPS communication for the web server

Production deployments should ensure that any HTTP traffic between clients (browsers or other API client) and MetaDefender for Secure Storage is encrypted using HTTPS.

Click here for detailed instructions on how to setup a certificate for NGINX web server.