8. Release notes

MetaDefender for Secure Storage v2.1.0

Release Date: 23 December 2020

New In This Release

Windows deployment

A new installer is available for deployment on Windows-based systems - Windows 10 and Windows Server

IAM Role support for AWS deployments

Added the ability to integrate S3 buckets without explicitly specifying access credentials. Deploying on an EC2 instance in AWS configured with an IAM profile/role, inherits the access from that role

Added new storage unit type: SMB-Compatible

It is now possible to integrate with any SMB-Compatible storage for example, with a Windows network share. Advanced encryption support is available via SMB v3.1.1

Bug Fixes

Scan failure in Box due to links

While processing files in Box, if a link is encountered, the scan now does not terminate unexpectedly

Dell Isilon performance issues

Processing large files on a Dell Isilon storage unit is now signficantly faster than in previous releases

Missing details for sanitization failures

More information is now available to administrators when Deep CDR is not executed due to unexpected errors

Missing real time processing for duplicate files

Duplicate files will now also be processed when RTP (Real Time Processing) is enabled