8. Release notes

MetaDefender for Secure Storage v2.1.4

Release Date: 9 July 2021

New In This Release

Internal load balancer for multiple MetaDefender Core servers

Multiple MetaDefender Core servers can be arranged in different pools and each storage unit can be assigned to a pool. Files will be processed in a round-robin fashion.

Group filtering for Box units

When integrating a Box storage unit, it is now possible to process files only from a specific group in your account.

(BETA) AWS Configuration Checklist

Starting with this release, MetaDefender for Secure Storage provides a security configuration checklist for AWS S3 buckets. Storage units that allow insecure connections (via HTTP) will be reported.

Bug Fixes

Installation of .NET Framework 4.8

A fix was implemented for a certificate hash mismatch that was preventing the online download of the .NET Framework installer.

Session reset after a password change

All active sessions would be terminated after a user changed the password. This has now been fixed.

Insufficient logging

The generated support package will now retain logs for a longer period of time.

Azure Blob validation

Improvements were made to the validation process when adding an Azure Blob storage unit to avoid a misleading failure message.