8. Release notes

MetaDefender for Secure Storage v2.0.6

Release Date: 25 September 2020

New In This Release

Dell Isilon scanning options

Perform instant, scheduled or real-time scanning on your Dell Isilon storage units .

Email notification for new user registrations

An email notification will be sent to all the administrators when a new user registers in the app. A notification will also be sent to the user once the request is approved or denied.

More information in Audit related to remediation actions

A message will be logged whenever there is a configuration change for remediation actions.

Bug Fixes

Incorrect file timestamp for S3 / S3-Compatible storage units

The “Created” and “Last modified” dates were not correctly assigned

Bundled dependency instead of downloading from the Internet

One of the dependencies, the docker-compose package, used to be retrieved online if it was missing from the machine. We have now bundled it in the installer.

Missing loader on page change

For some pages, the loader was not being activated which would appear as the click action did not work

SMTP and Notifications pages

Some of the default values and validation messages have been corrected. Sender name and email inputs were inverted.