8. Release notes

MetaDefender for Secure Storage v2.1.2

Release Date: 2 April 2021

New In This Release

New storage integration: Azure Blob

It is now possible to integrate an Azure Blob storage in MetaDefender for Secure Storage and configure remediation actions for it.

Amazon Machine Image (AMI) available

We have published an AMI for MetaDefender for Secure Storage in AWS Community that should simplify EC2 deployment.

Enhanced blocked file remediation actions

More options are available in the remediation actions menu. A strict mode was introduced that can be used to ensure that all files deemed as blocked by MetaDefender Core, not necessarily because a malware was detected, will be processed using the blocked files remediation rules.

Bug Fixes

Cache issue after upgrading to a newer version

Some browsers would incorrectly cache the previous version of the application after an upgrade.

Timeout when searching for users in remediation action configuration

For large deployments, a timeout could occur while searching for users to move the files to as a remediation.

Fixed configuration import from older versions

In the previous version, a configuration import from versions older than 2.1.1 was not possible.

Logging for scan failures

More information available and less noise in the logs when failures occurr while scanning files.

Blacklisted files display

Files will appear as blacklisted instead of Blocked (Unknown) in the report from now on.