7. Troubleshooting

In this section, you can find solutions for common issues with MetaDefender for Secure Storage.

Troubleshooting for different operating systems

The following pages contain detailed instructions on how to troubleshoot or generate a support package based on your operating system type.

Running behind a proxy

If you need to deploy MetaDefender for Secure Storage behind a proxy please consider the following:

  • *.docker.io needs to be accessible in order to download the code

  • activation.dl.opswat.com needs to be accessible in order to activate the license or alternative please do an offline activation by following the instructions in the Offline activation screen

  • the storage you plan to integrate with needs to be accessible such that MetaDefender for Secure Storage can access its APIs for different operations (e.g. file discovery, user listing, file download, file upload, file deletion, file renaming, etc.)