7.2 Troubleshooting for Windows systems

Installation issues

If the installation does not successfully complete please open a support case with the following files from C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Temp

  • MetaDefender_for_Secure_Storage_<date>.log

  • MetaDefender_for_Secure_Storage_<date>_000_MetaDefenderForSecureStorage.log

  • MetaDefenderForSecureStorage_Install.log

Generating support package

Before you begin, please run the following command in an elevated PowerShell to allow the utility script (mdss.ps1) script to be executed

PS> Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned

In order to generate a support package please run the following command in the docker folder within the installation folder (by default: C:\Program Files\OPSWAT\MetaDefender for Secure Storage\docker)


PS> .\mdss.ps1 -u export_logs

Command Prompt

C:\> powershell.exe -File "C:\Program Files\OPSWAT\MetaDefender for Secure Storage\docker\mdss.ps1" -u export_logs

A support package contains essential information regarding the operating system and OPSWAT software found on the machine.

The log archive will be created in the installation folder C:\Program Files\OPSWAT\MetaDefender for Secure Storage.

Advanced troubleshooting

In order to troubleshoot please run [command] -log_level 7 where the command is the command that has an issue.

For example, if MetaDefender for Secure Storage cannot be started please run the following command:


PS> .\mdss.ps1 -c start -log_level 7

The logs will be saved in the Logs folder found in the installation location: C:\Program Files\OPSWAT\MetaDefender for Secure Storage\Logs.