7.1 Troubleshooting for Unix based systems

Generating support package

In order to generate a support package you can run the next command:

sudo mdss -u support_package

For more advanced users we offer the following commands:

sudo mdss -u export_logs

This will allow you to save the logs of the containers

sudo mdss -u export_info

This will run some testes and gather info about your system.

sudo mdss -u export_settings

This command will save the relevant setting from your MDSS instance.

The archives will be created in /etc/mdss/

In addition, we offer the option to export your database if you need to use it for migration or debugging purposes.

sudo mdss -u export_db

Installation issues

In order to troubleshoot please run LOG_LEVEL=7 [command] where command is the command that has an issue. For example, if MetaDefender for Secure Storage cannot be started please run the following command:

sudo LOG_LEVEL=7 mdss -c start

Running behind a proxy

You will need to edit /etc/mdss/customer.env and add the following environment variable


Unable to remove the network

If you encounter some message regarding your network ( similar to network mdss_stack id xxx has active endpoints ) while you tried to remove or update MDSS, please try to restart docker:

systemctl restart docker