7.1 Troubleshooting for Unix based systems

Generating support package

In order to generate a support package please run the following command

sudo mdss -u export_logs

A support package contains essential information regarding the operating system and OPSWAT software found on the machine.

The log archive will be created in your home directory.

Installation issues

In order to troubleshoot please run LOG_LEVEL=7 [command] where command is the command that has an issue.

For example, if MetaDefender for Secure Storage cannot be started please run the following command:

sudo LOG_LEVEL=7 mdss -c start

Running behind a proxy

If you need to deploy MetaDefender for Secure Storage behind a proxy please consider the following:

  • *.docker.io needs to be accessible in order to download the code

  • activation.dl.opswat.com needs to be accessible in order to activate the license or alternative please do an offline activation by following the instructions in the Offline activation screen

  • the storage you plan to integrate with needs to be accessible such that MetaDefender for Secure Storage can download files

  • edit /etc/mdss/customer.env and add the following environment variable


Can’t remove network

If you encounter some message regarding your network ( something like network mdss_stack id xxx has active endpoints ) while you tried to remove or update MDSS, please try to restart docker:

systemctl restart docker