3.9 License

A Metadefender for Secure Storage license contains the following fields



Deployment ID

A uniquely generated value that identifies your deployment.

Product ID

A unique product identifier


The name of the license

Activation Key

The key with which the license is activated

Expiration Date

The date until your license is valid

Storage limits

Amazon S3/S3 Compatible/Azure Blob: available or not available

Dell Isilon/Azure Files/SMB Compatible: available or not available

Box Limit: the number of available users or custom apps

OneDrive Limit: the number of available users or groups

Amazon S3 / S3 Compatible / Azure Blob / Dell Isilon / Azure Files / SMB Compatible

These storage units can be integrated when the “Available” status is configured in the provided license.


  • We count every user discovered in a Box Custom App, including the Box Enterprise users (if it is allowed by the Custom App configuration) and the service user

  • If the Box storage is configured with a specified user, we count only the specified user

  • If two identical Box configuration are added, the users are counted only once


  • We count every user that has a license assigned in OneDrive

  • If a group is specified, only members of that group are counted