3.8 Custom configuration

Edit the configuration file

Custom application configuration can be achieved by editing the customer.env environment file.

The following steps are required to change different parameters in this file:

  • Navigate to /etc/mdss/customer.env and open the file

  • If the parameter that needs to be changed is not present, add the new parameter with the desired value. If it already exists, just edit the value.

  • Save the file

  • In order for the changes to apply, please restart the application by running the following command:

    sudo mdss -c restart

Increase the number of concurrent scans

To be able to scan multiple files in the same time, the event bus needs to be configured accordingly. Please add the following environment variable in your customer.env file (as described above):

Environment Variable


Default Value

Maximum Value






Allow up to 50 files to be scanned at the same time.

Symlink following for Dell Isilon / Azure Files / SMB Compatible

This configuration instructs the service to follow symbolic links (symlinks) and process files from the location where the links are pointing at.

Please note that misconfiguration of symlinks on a share could create an infinite loop in file processing. Enable symlink following only if you are sure that there are no cyclic paths.

Symlink following is available only for Linux-based systems at the moment.

Environment Variable

Default Value

Possible Value




0 - Disabled
1 - Enabled

Instructs the service to follow symlinks when encountered while traversing directory structure.