3.6 Email reports

Email reports can be generated after a storage process completes. The report contains vital information about multi-scanning results, potential compliance violations as well as detected vulnerabilities or other issues.


An email report contains the following information:

  • A list of top risk accounts or files

  • Compliance violations

  • Engine versions for Deep CDR and Vulnerability engine

  • Details engine information for multi-scanning engines


In order to receive these emails an administrator needs to provide SMTP details required for MetaDefender for Secure Storage to connect and send email.

Setup SMTP integration

  1. Navigate to Settings → Notifications

  2. Select the notifications you wish to receive

  3. Enable SMTP by clicking the toggle

  4. Input the host address of your SMTP server (i.e smtp.company.com)

  5. Input the port of your SMTP server

  6. Base URL: the address to use in the email for links; this address should point to the MetaDefender for Secure Storage web interface

  7. Sender Email Address: email address to be used as From: field when sending notifications

  8. Sender Name: display name to be used as From Name: field when sending notifications

  9. Advanced Settings

    1. Enable SSL: email are sent using SSL security protocol

    2. Ignore Certificate Warnings: select this option if your SMTP does not have a valid certificate but you wish to use SSL

  10. Input a domain, username and password if your SMTP requires authentication

  11. Save your settings when you are done.

If your configuration is correct you will receive a test email in your inbox to ensure that SMTP connectivity is working as expected. The email will be sent to the address you’ve provided when creating your MetaDefender for Secure Storage account.