3.5 User management

If your organization requires multiple individuals to access MetaDefender for Secure Storage web interface in order to review generated reports or perform new storage integrations you can setup individual user accounts for each one.


MetaDefender for Secure Storage supports the following types of users:

User type




Accounts with administrative privileges have full control over each available configuration and features

Full control

Read only

Accounts with read only privileges can only review the dashboard and the generated reports

View dashboard
View reports
View detailed files reports

We recommend avoid using a shared-account for performing administrative tasks.

If someone doesn’t require permissions to start processes or setup new storage integrations consider applying read-only permissions to that account.

Creating additional user accounts

There are two options available for creating more user accounts:

  • Ask the user to access the web interface and register by clicking Sign Up

  • Administrators can create accounts for users from Settings → Users by clicking Add new user

Accepting or denying user requests

When someone registers using the link from the login page an account is created for that person but the account is inactive. In order to gain access to MetaDefender for Secure Storage web interface, an administrator needs to accept the new user request.

This decision can be made from Settings → Users


Select the permissions you wish to grant for an account and then click Accept in order to activate the account or Decline if you don’t wish this user to access MetaDefender for Secure Storage.

Change permissions for existing users

If you wish to upgrade or downgrade permissions for an account this can be achieved by navigating to Settings → Users and selecting a different permission for the account